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  • According to the Fraud Advisory Panel, deceptive practices cost the UK economy £38.4 billion, equating to £765 for every adult... Read the full story at -
    How much is corporate fraud costing your organisation?... Read the full story at -

  • Are your clients completing their RTI submissions? If they aren't they will be facing fines of up to £200 per month commencing in October. We have put together a guide for you to pass on to your clients.. Read the full story at -
    Helping small businesses with Real Time Information...

  • In the absence of traditional sources of funding such as bank debt, SMEs are increasingly turning to Crowdfunding investment platforms to access growth capital.. Read the full story at -
    Investing through Crowdfunding: A reminder about tax ...

  • HMRC expects roughly £100m a year to come from direct debt recovery. Read the full story at -
    Direct debt recovery to net HMRC £365m by 2019

  • MEPs have asked EC to explain how IASB will avoid conflicts of interest and be democratically accountable. Read the full story at -
    MEPs question how EC will ensure IASB meets funding requirements

  • Sweeping new powers set to be afforded to HMRC have potential to draw public opprobrium... Read the full story at -
    Budget 2014: Practitioners raise ethical concerns over new HMRC powers

  • Bitcoin’s taken a bit of a battering this week but what exactly is it and what do you need to know to keep safe in the world of virtual finance? Read the full story at -
    Everything an accountant needs to know about Bitcoin

  • The UK will need to experience a surge in the recruitment of accountants if it is to meet future demand, new research from Ranstad Financial & Professional has revealed... Read the full story at -
    80,000 new accountants needed over the next 35 years

  • 64% of Brits struggle to imagine life without a mobile phone and yet 24% of the UK’s leading finance brands still have no mobile strategy... -
    Why finance brands aren’t all so app-y

  • The ‘rise of the business partner’ - The Accountant
    Why employers want accountants with business acumen..

  • Globalisation isn't solely the domain of the big or even necessarily the bold. It is fast becoming a standard and necessary way of doing business.... -
    The global financial leadership series - Part one: Financial management essentials ....

  • Organisations the world over are currently challenged with a lack of women in leadership positions, and concerned with the competitive and financial toll this could mean for their organisations.... Read full story at -
    Next Generation Diversity: Developing tomorrow’s female leaders

  • Who really is an accountant to the SMEs? What are the misconceptions and what are the valid expectations? -
    The accountant isn't just the person that collates tax and end-of year figures....

  • 5 Financial New Year’s Resolutions Everyone Should Make -
    Here are five money-saving New Year’s Resolutions that can help benefit all income levels and life stages:
  • The chancellor, in an otherwise dull Autumn Statement, has left a few grenades hidden in the Green Book. Read the full story at -
    AS2013: Lack of detail means the fun's in the Finance Bill.
  • A round-up of the press's reactions to the chancellor's 2013 Budget. Read the full story at -
    Budget 2013: What the papers say.
  • Adviser Debra Dougal looks at whether VAT is set for its next stage of its 'life' as it reaches 40. Read the full story at -
    Life begins at 40 for VAT?
  • High street audit firms disappearing following FRC changes to audit threshold. Read the full story at -
    Number of accountancy firms contracts nearly 2% in a year
  • Insolvencies among accountancy firms increase 41% in a year according to research by Syscap. Read the full story at -
    Firms entering insolvency rockets 41% in a year

  • HMRC and Companies House 'flapping' is causing clients consternation - with The Practitioner on the receiving end. Read the full story at -
    The Practitioner: Why does HMRC persist in making us look bad?
  • Helping clients out with menial matters only stops you from providing better value services, muses the Practitioner. Read the full story at -
    The Practitioner: Wearing too many hats is headache-inducing
  • Accountancy Age is proud to present our rundown of who we think will be the biggest players in accounting and finance during 2013. Do you agree with our choices? Read the full story at -
    Financial Power List 2013: Big hitters
  • First ever integrated reporting framework released following publication of outline, and international consultation. Read the full story at -
    IIRC releases Integrated reporting framework
  • Unilever to end 27-year audit relationship with PwC - KPMG to be its next auditor, while EY said it could not bid for the work. Read the full story at -
    Unilever swaps PwC for KPMG as auditor
  • Forcing companies to tender audit work every five years could prove costly, finds Richard Crump. Read the full story at -
    Five-year audit tender costs disproportionate
  • FRC consulting on proposals to amend the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities. Read the full story at -
    FRC to simplify small company accounting

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